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Talking about the project, personally I think that we really need to re – focus in primary aspects, we can’t start talking about banks or loans if we have not decided or evaluate our deal,specifically: Who? What? Where? When? How? How much?

▪ Who is the final seller?
▪ Who are the professionals (agent, contractor, lawyer)?
▪ Who are the target end users/buyers?
▪Who, in the CHOSA Land Co, is going to handle the project?

▪ What is the deal?
▪ What does the seller need?
▪ What does the title search tell about the property?
▪ What isour offer?
▪ What has to be done to attract investors?
▪ What has to be done to attract investors?
▪ What has to be done to attract buyers?

▪ Where are the materials forthe project?
▪ Where are the property boundary lines?
▪ Where are the buyers located?

▪ When is the closing?
▪ When will the project start? (Start the build or start thesale)
▪ When is the project completion date?
▪ When are buyers coming to look at it?
▪ When do we want to sell it?

▪ How are we presenting our offer?
▪ How do we applyfor permits?
▪ How are we going to manage the project?
▪ How are we going to sell the project?

How much? (My favorite part)
▪ How much are we offering?
▪ How much financing canwe (Claire) secure for the project?
▪ How much profit is in the deal?
▪ How much cushion is there for mistakes?
▪ How much time until the project brings in a profit?

I supposed wehaven’t the money, so we’ve got to think. So, talking about financing: Are we ready to start? Or CHOSA Land really need to start selling this first project to obtain cash flow?

Different Options, justto be in the same channel:

1. Owner Financing.
2. Private financing.
2.1 Private mortage lending.
2.2 Buy-and-hold.
2.3 Pre-Development lots.
2.4 Large land buy-and-hold.
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