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Virtual environments as intuition synthesisers
This is just a little way of describing what the author of “Virtual environments as intuition synthesisers” is trying to say and whathe wants to tell us.
The author of this has an interesting starting idea about the sum of individuals, he tell to everybody that the whole may be more than a sum of individuals saying that thecombination of the functions of many individuals are better than the simple idea of a group of them working together without a connection between them he call them “emergent properties” in the way he tellus what they are he explain that are the direct consequence of that idea of “the whole may be more than the sum of its parts” as he says at the beginning of the first part of the text. Well after thathe mention an interesting contraposition about the actual way of generating ideas, he says the actual ways is far too wrong because it takes the problems and the situations as a sum of various littleparts, telling us this method is called analysis, but it’s wrong because this way of thinking can´t take the problems with “emergent properties” ´cause they can be divided in many parts, they are awhole so he talks about a complement to that way of thinking, he talks about the synthesis, that takes the problems and ideas as a whole not as parts of something, he makes the example of the complexglobal behavior telling that it can´t be studied as parts cause it it’s a complex combination of human and social connections that change in various ways so it has to be studied as a whole mass ofevents and relations.
In his study of how to take problems his solutions are really incredible, as he say it’s better to see problems as a whole mass of things, but he goes beyond that telling us a waysof study them he call them virtual environments and artificial life, compared to artificial intelligence that takes a step forward with the use computers not as tool but more like help for us, he...
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