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One day a boy named Charlie Wackaweed, was making a wish on a star. He did not know that the wish he would be making would change his life forever.
It was late one night, when Charlie was looking atthe stars. He had heard that if you wish on the first star you see, your wish will become true. So he spotted the first star that he saw, and he made a wish on it. His wish was that whatever he saidor did, for it to come true. So for instance if he would say "Let it snow" it would snow.
Just a few days later, he was sitting in Geometry class wondering about the test they would have in about 5minutes. When he got the test, he sat there wishing that he would ace the test. He took the test that was supposed to be very hard and he thought that it was easy. He got it back and it was an A+. hewas amazed because he had never had a test and aced it before, and this test was probably the hardest one that he had ever taken. He asked all his classmates what they had gotten on the test and theyall replied " A C+ or lower. Charlie was very excited that he had gotten a better grade than Chris, who was an A+ student ,and Chris had made a C-.
There was this one kid that Charlie did not like. Hewished that something bad would happen to him. The very next day he was out of school. Charlie asked his teacher where he was he said " He is in the hospital with a very deadly disease. It came onhim so fast, and none of the doctors have a cure. It is really weird. I have never seen anything like it."
The very next day, Charlie heard that the kid with the deadly disease had died. Charlie wasupset about the whole situation. He knew that it was his fault that he had died . So he went to his funeral with sorrow and regret.
He was at home, alone, late one night. All of a sudden the phonerang. He ran down the steps to answer it thinking that it might be his parents. He picked up the phone and he heard the dial tone. He thought to himself "That's weird" and then he went back up to his...
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