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Fascism Rises in Europe

Promises Fascists promised to punish those who caused hard times, revive the economy, and restore national pride.
Fascism Political movement that emphasizedloyalty to the state and obedience to its leader.
Fascism Both Communism
Social clases each had a task. Ruled by dictators. “Dictatorship of theworking class”
Political parties (aristocrats & State is supreme. Internationalists- unite workers
industrialists, war veterans,
lower middle class)
NationalistsMarch on Rome Mussolini promises to revive Italy’s economy. He gains followers (middle class, industrial leaders and aristocracy), terror invaded Italy as Fascists attacked Communists andNationalists on the streets.
Fascists march on Rome and demand King Victor Emmanuel top ut Mussolini in power. After violence and threats, the King lets Mussolini take over the government. Mussolini“possibly slightly off his head”.

il Duce “leader”. Abolished democracy, jailed opponents, censorship – only allowed to publish Fscist doctrunes. Italy becomes model for Fascists. Never had totalcontrol

NAZIs After WWI, Hitler joins the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NAZI). Creation of Nazism- fascism for Germans. Swastika, symbol, private militia- Brownshirts. Hitler becomesFührer.

Mein Kampf Hitler writes this book to set forth his beliefs and goals for Germany. Plan of action for the Nazis. Aryans are the master race; Jews, Gyspsies and Slavs are subhuman. TheVersailles Treaty was an outrage for Germany, so he would gain the lands taken from it by conquering Eastern Europe and Russia.

Lebensraum living space. Hitler thought Germany was overcrowded. Hewould gain the lands taken from it by conquering Eastern Europe and Russia.

Blame Hitler called for new elections. Erich Ludendorff (Hitler’s ally). A fire destroys Reichstag building, where...
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