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1. What was the person’s background?
He is American, he born in March 25 of 1982 in Houston, Tx.
2. How would you describe his personality?
A very brave, determinate, funny, relaxing,enthusiastic & outgoing person ,That have goals in his life & what’s to prove himself & everyone that he can with that goals.
3. How & why did this person become an explorer(or otherprofession)?
Because he loves to travel around the world & he loves doing the things he do & the work he have.
4. What particular types of danger did this person face?
In his job he have toenter into mines to see & check that all its happened there its going good & sometimes he like’s to go climbing in the mountains where he is for example one time he was in Chile he go toexplore to the mines of Doña Ines De Collahuasi.
5. How did he overcome the danger?
He gets motivate minutes after go climbing, or running or diving.
6. What were his achievements?
I reallydon’t know, I only now he went diving in Hawaii.

Name: Nicholas Wiedemann Castellanos |
Nationality: American |
Main Achievement(s): He Studied on Texa A&M ; & he is working on a companywhere he can work in his home & travel all over the world. |
Dates of main achievement(s): Texas A&M Generation From 2004, |
Motivation For becoming an explorer(or other profession): To havea good career, To know the world & being a great business man |
Challenges the person faced: In the University of Texas A&M he decided to be a cadet & he had to live all the universityyears like a cadet. |
How the person overcame the challenges: He had to train hard & studied a lot to had a great school average to have the work he always wanted. |
The person’scharacteristics: He doesn’t like to be ordered but he had to because he was a cadet. |

Other interesting or relevant information: When he was young he doesn’t like to climb & dive & do all the...
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