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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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Emotions, complicated indeed, are an important base of humanity itself. Since the beginning of our growth we human beings start experiencing them in different ways that affect our personality in thefuture. Examples of these are feelings such as: frustration, sadness, loneliness, happiness and joy.There is one that is described as the most powerful and magical of all and it is known as love. Lovecan be expressed in many ways. In life we are taught that one must fall in love with a person of the opposite sex but what happens when one does not go by the “rules”? In this world, humanityaddressed people that do not follow the rules as Homosexuals (people who are sexually attracted to people of their own sex) and the ones that do, are Heterosexuals (people who are sexually attracted topeople of the opposite sex).Between these two groups of people there are many differences but the most popular are their personalities and lifestyles. These are the ones that I will be discussing in myessay.
The most notable of these differences are the personalities. Gay people often tend to be more comprehensive and open minded people. However, “straight” people (heterosexuals) often haveclosed minds towards the world; only doing things by the “book”.
Comparing both types of people yet we notice another difference, which is their lifestyles. Straight people can have a peaceful andsimple life where they can be whoever they want without being judged. Also, marriage for them is easy to obtain. On the other hand, gay people have to deal with complicated lives full of judgment anddiscrimination in every place they go. This causes them to hide themselves and as for the marriage part, they have to travel to specific countries because not in every place in the world marriage forthem is an option.
Those are the two main differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals. To decide which orientation to follow comes to personal choice based on the experiences and...
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