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Table of Contents
3 Column Notes Questions I Have Explanation from Reading My Conclusion or Observation 3-2-1 Strategy Things I Found out Interesting or Unusual Things Questions I Still Have 10 MostImportant Words Word or Term My Ideas about this Word ABC Brainstorming Strategy 24 Individual Cells XYZ Combined in One Cell All about Nonfiction Writing Define Nonfiction Writing List the ImportantFeatures Get Five Examples of Nonfiction Writing Give Five Non-Examples of Nonfiction Writing Write a one-page summary

Character Map How Do the Characters Act? Write Your Opinions in the PictureFrames Concept Wheel Write the Concept Provide a Definition List Important Features Give Examples Give Non-Examples Explain Relationship to Other Concepts Provide a Summary Double Entry Diary DirectQuotation from the Text Your Questions, Reactions, or Predictions Event Map What Happened? When Did It Happen? Where Did It Happen? Who Was Involved? How Did It Happen? Why Was It Important? FiveParagraph Essay Planner Introductory Paragraph Boxes for Three Body Paragraphs Concluding Paragraph KWL Chart What I Know What I Want to Know What I Learned Main Idea Web Introduction Paragraph CirclesThree Boxes for Supporting Details Conclusion Prediction Chart What I Predicted Would Happen What Actually Happened Problems/Solutions Chart What is the Problem? What is the Cause? What is the Effect?What are Possible Solutions? Sequence Chain Title and Author Characters and Setting Six Boxes for Sequence of Events Setting Map Draw a Map of Where the Story Took Place One Large Box Provided StoryElements Theme, Setting, and Relevance of Setting Characters in the Story Problems/Goals Plot Climax Resolution Story Map 1 Title and Author Characters and Setting Goal/Problem/Conflict Major EventsResolution Theme

Story Map 2 Title and Author Characters and Setting Problem 3 Main Events Resolution Story Map 3 Title and Setting 10 Events for Rising Action Climax 4 Events for Falling Action...