Blake moras death

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  • Publicado : 22 de enero de 2012
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Francisco Blake Mora´s Death
Blake Mora died in a helicopter accident along with eight other people in Chalco de Díaz Covarrubias, Estado de México, just outside Mexico City. There were no survivors. The helicopter, an Aérospatiale Super Puma, was traveling to Cuernavaca, Morelos, for a meeting of prosecutors when it wentdown. Marcelo Ebrard, the Head of Government of the Federal District, said in an interview through CNN México that the helicopter was "completely destroyed," since it crashed head-on against a hill. Then, the helicopter impacted several times over the terrain as the pilot tried to land the aircraft safely.
Reports state that early in the morning before Blake Mora left Mexico City, the helicopter took afew minutes to take off due to dense fog, which has made observers speculate that visibility was a major factor of the collision. After the helicopter failed to arrive at the estimated time, aircraft were sent to investigate the situation, and eventually reported the damaged helicopter at 11:12a.m. local time. Along with Blake Mora, the following people were killed in the accident: Felipe Zamora,General of Legal Affairs; José Alfredo García Medina, Director of Social Communiations; Diana Hayton Sánchez, Blake Mora's secretary; René de León Zapien, Lieutenant General; Felipe Cortés and Pedro Ramón Escobar, both Air Forcelieutenants; and Jorge Luis Juárez Gómez, Army Sergeant.
Although not confirmed, some sources claimed that the President Felipe Calderón had plans to travel in thehelicopter that Blake Mora was killed in, and was awaiting the flight until the accident occurred. President Calderón said that the helicopter was flying in foggy conditions, and that the crash "was probably an accident." Investigations regarding his death are under way. The death of Blake Mora is the second loss in this position during the Calderón presidency, the first one being Juan Camilo Mouriño,who died in a plane crash in 2008.
Blake Mora's last Twitter post before his death recalled the previous death of the former Secretary of Interior, Juan Camilo Mouriño:
“ | Today we remember Juan Camilo Mouriño three years after his passing, a human being who worked to construct a better Mexico. | ” |Controversy
The question of whether this incident was a mere coincidence or a conspiracy has been discussed in numerous newspapers, blogs, and other internet sites. However, President Calderón has tried to quell any suggestions of sabotage, saying Blake Mora's helicopter "was always under guard" in the hangar of Mexico's equivalent of the Secret Serviceand that it had recently undergonemaintenance. Before Blake Mora, Juan Camilo Mouriño, who was also head of the Interior, was killed in a helicopter accident on November 4, 2008 with the presidential security adviser Jose Luis Vasconcelos and six other officials. And in September 21, 2005, Ramón Martín Huerta, the former Public Security Secretary, also died in a helicopter accident with José Antonio Bernal, who worked forthe Human Rights Commission, Tomás Valencia, head chief of the Federal Police in Mexico, and six other officials. Although not proven, these high-profile deaths have fueled speculations on whether they were foul plays by the drug cartels.
Moreover, the death of Blake Mora and the seven others in a helicopter crash puts into relevance the fact that Mexico has no law or protocol that would prevent seniorofficials from flying in the same aircraft, as in other governments worldwide, to preserve the integrity of government and decision makers. Mexican law has no protocols to prevent the president or his cabinet, including members of the Legislature or the Judiciary, from travelling in the same vehicle for security reasons. In addition, CNN México announced that soon after the death of Mexico's...
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