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1000 Hours
1,000 HOURS
Album: 1,000 Hours EP, 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
Written by Billie Joe Armstrong

Starlit night
The moon is shining bright
You are the one I need
Up at your window
I see a shadow
Silhouette of your grace
Here’s this flower
I picked for all the hours
That you’ve spent with me
The one I love
That I’ve been dreaming of
Sailing across the sea

Chorus: Letmy hands flow through
You hair. Moving closer
A kiss we’ll share
Passionate love to be all night long
We’ll never break, as one too strong

Nothing’s more
Than what our love is for
As I kiss your cheek
Oh so softly
Hands flowing down my back
1,000 hours, I’ll never leave
Our romance
Is a Love trance
And now we’ll never part
1,000 hours
Of such a love shower
We’ll never stop, oncewe start.
Chorus x2
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1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
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1000 Hours
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1000 Hours
1,000 HORAS
Album: 1,000 Hours EP, 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
Escrita por Billie Joe Armstrong

Noche iluminada por las estrellas
La luna esta brillando luminosamente
Tú eres la única que necesito
Arriba en tu ventanaVeo una sombra
Silueta de tu gracia
Aquí hay una flor
La recogí por todas las horas que has pasado conmigo
La única que amo
He estado soñando
Con que navegamos por el mar

Coro: Deja que mis manos fluyan
Por tu cabello. Acercándose
Un beso compartiremos
Amor apasionado para ser toda la noche larga
Nunca romperemos, somos como uno demasiado fuerte

Nada es más
Que lo que nuestro amores
Como beso tu mejilla
Oh, tan suavemente
Tus manos bajando por mi espalda
1000 horas, Nunca dejaré
Nuestro romance
Es un trance de amor
Y ahora nunca nos separaremos
1000 horas
Como una ducha de amor
Nunca terminaremos una vez hayamos comenzado
Coro x2
At The library
Hey there lookin' at me
Tell me what do you see
But you quickly turn your head away
Try to find thewords I could use
Don't have the courage to come up to you
My chance is looking a bit grey

Starting across the room
Are you leaving soon?
I just need a little time

What is it that drives me mad
Girls like you that I never had
What is it about you that I adore?
What makes me feel so much pain?
That makes me go so insane
What is it about you that I adore?

Starting across the roomAre you leaving soon?
I just need a little time

Why did you have to leave so soon?
Why did you have to walk away?
Oh well it happened again
She walked away with her boyfriend
Maybe we'll meet again someday.

At The library
Hey estas ahi mirandome
dime lo que ves
pero rapidamente giras tu cara hacia otro lado
Trato de encontrar las palabras que podria usar
No tengo elcoraje para ir hacia ti
Mi oportunidad parece un poco gris

Caminando a traves del cuarto
Te iras pronto ?¿
solo necesito poco tiempo

Que es lo que me vuelve loco ?¿
Niñas como tu que nunca he tenido ?¿
Que es lo que adoro tanto de ti ?¿
Que es lo que hace que sienta tanto dolor ?¿
Que es lo que me vulve loco ?¿
Que es lo que adoro tanto de ti ?¿

Por que tuviste que irte tan rapido?Por que tuviste que alejarte ?¿

Bueno paso otra vez
Ella se fue con su novio
Tal vez nos volvamos a encontrar otro dia....
Dry Ice
Late last night I had a dream
And she was in it again
She and I were in the sky
Flying hand in hand
I woke up in a cold sweat
Wishing she was by my side
Praying that she'll dry tears
Left on my face I've cried

Oh I love her
Keep dreaming...
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