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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2010
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Kathy (IrishMiss) and I began our Adventure to Anaheim on Thusday April 15, 2010. It began with a bus ride to Midway. Then of course there's the security check. Well they beeped on the carry on bags. At first they pulled mine off and said what has a 9-volt battery? I didn't have anything with a 9-volt battery. So they proceeded to search my bag and then they brought Kathy's over and found thesource of the battery - a Batcommunicator. They also found Black Widow props and The Boys. The women went WILD when they saw the toads. Even the boys had to be scanned. Then two plane rides to get to Anaheim. This was Kathy's first time flying so I wanted to put her mind at ease and use familiar sayings for the take off. When the plane got turned around and was slowing to a stop just before gunningthe engines I turned to Kathy and said, "Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed" then the engines began to roar and I said to her, "Roger, ready to move out." Oh boy did we ever move out. She wasn't too sure what to think of the take off but once we were up in the air and going then she was ok with it. Our landings sure were rough in my opinion. We made a stop in Denver (very briefly) andboarded another plane bound for Orange County Airport. We saw the Rockies, Continential Divide, Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, and then the pilot announced when we crossed into California. Boy my hands went up in the air with delight. After landing we got all our luggage and boarded the shuttle. Man we took our lives in our own hands with this man. Plenty of hand and mouth gestures and heart stoppingdriving on the freeway. I didn't think we would make it in one piece to the hotel. We finally made it and then we unpacked and came down to get a bite to eat. This is when we met Diane (Love the Bat) in the lobby. We had some food and then went and retired by 8:00 pm California time. We were wiped out.

Friday April 16, 2010 started off by going up to 5th floor to breakfast. There we met withNick (Esruscan Snood), George (megashow George), Ivan (twint9), Adam (Ivan's son), Adrian (thefanboy59), Diane (Love the Bat), Allan (Quickbat), Karyn (Allan's wife). We all got together and met one another. Kathy and I then went up to our room to relax before show time. Actually SHE was the one relaxing. I was too busy being pacing the floor and having loose energy to go over to convention site.The words of Tom Petty rang so true that day, "The waiting is the hardest part". I can't believe how the clock seem to slow down just before opening time. Well we got into our costumes (Kathy as Black Widow and I as Cleopatra) and we walked the mile to the convention center. About half way there we stopped for a breather. About this time three people were coming toward us. One gentleman was turninghis head sideways and giving a puzzled look. The woman in the group looked at me and said, "You must be Bobbi". It was Vickie Sebring. The one with the puzzled look was none other than Scott Sebring and Ben was with them also. After we chatted then we moved forward to get in to convention center. We tried to go through inside of convention center to get our wristbands. As we were walking by abench there sat Yvonne Craig. I walked up and introduced myself and took her picture. Then we went through two sets of lines. One to be herded like cattle and the other to get wristbands. Once all this was completed then we could FINALLY go into convention. I had one agenda and one agenda alone - to see Adam and Burt. However when I got to their booths they weren't there yet. Strange where could theybe? Well while I waited I went to see Lee Meriwether who did her meowing like she did in the movie for me. That was really cool. I also got her picture. I got Yvonne's autograph and Julie Newmar's as well. Still checked Adam's booth - No Adam. However Fred and Andrew were around. No one in the convention center had an clue as to when Adam was getting there. We kept getting conflicting reports on...
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