Bleachers: an analysis

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Sports Literature
Bleachers Essay Assignment

Many different sports coaches have become legends, but none are quite as revered as those who coached football. Paul “Bear” Bryant, whose story istold in the movie “Junction Boys” is considered by many to have been one of the greatest coaches in the history of southern college football, not only because of his success, but also because he knewhow to push his players to their limits and get results. John Grisham’s novel Bleachers portrays a head football coach very similar to the real-life Coach Bryant, but still possessing a few uniquecharacteristics. Coaches Eddie Rake and Bear Bryant both knew how to effectively motivate their players, and instilled valuable life lessons that would last many far beyond college football. Smallglimpses of a softer side to both coaches shone through their toughness at times throughout the book and movie, but though I do not believe that their coaching methods were bad, I would not want to playfor either coach, because I do not think I would be able to succeed with the conditions and treatment either coach gave his players.
Motivation is a large part of a team’s ability to succeed, and bothCoach Bear Bryant and Eddie Rake knew exactly how to push each player to perform at their highest level at all times. In the movie, when an angry player enters the coach’s cabin to ask for a busticket home, Bryant knows exactly which words will have the greatest effect on him, and convinces him to stay without ever actually asking. Coach Eddie Rake also knew that offhand comments were oftenthe best way to obtain results, and his insults throughout the book motivated many players to run faster, tackle better, or fight harder, just to earn his approval. However, while Coach Bryant liked todeliver his comments for everyone to hear, Eddie Rake’s were often muttered to himself, yet still heard by the entire team (Grisham, 75).
The two coaches both managed to have influence on their...
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