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Blender Summer of Documentation: Learning the Blender Game Engine

The format of the tutorial
This tutorial will show the reader how to create a simple 3D game from scratch in Blender. After completing the tutorial, the skills learned will allow readers to extend the game levels. It assumes no prior knowledge of Blender, so experienced users will be able to skip over certain sections. Onlyaspects of Blender that are relevant to making simple games will be touched on. This will cover only a fraction of Blender's overall functionality, and will hopefully encourage readers to use Blender for other purposes, such as creating 3D animations. The tutorial should take around 2 hours to create a working 3D game from scratch.

Intended Audience
This tutorial is aimed at anyone with aninterest in making 3D games, but who may have no prior experience of either Blender or 3D. It will teach the basics of Blender's Game Engine ("GE") to both new Blender users, and also to existing Blender users who may not yet have enjoyed this aspect of their favourite application. Blender is a very powerful 3D modeling and animation package, with an excellent and constantly improving built-in GameEngine. It is known as having quite a steep learning curve, although when you get used to the workflow, it is very fast to work with.

What skills will you need to know in advance
This tutorial is aimed at all levels of user, so it doesn't assume any prior knowledge of Blender. If you are a new user with no experience of Blender, the tutorial will step you through the important aspects of Blenderand the GE, so that you will be able to create your own game. If you are experienced with the Blender UI with regard to the important GE buttons and areas, you might want to quickly scan over some of the initial sections.

Starting a game project?
Before posting your Game project announcement in a forum please read this. Blender is a great application for all kinds of 3D artwork, be that stills,animations or even... games!

Most of these projects are solo, but once in a while someone or a team of people decides/decide to recruit people to the development team or just want to let us know he/they is/are making a game. If you are working on a game and would like to recruit or just show your project in development, please take the following into account: 1. We frequently get overlyexcited newbies who post about their project to create a MMORPG (or any other type of game, really, but MMOGs are the most common). In 99% of the cases, the project never goes anywhere and the actual announcement itself would make any professional representative cringe. That's the reason why we are quick to be skeptical about any posted project which does not follow the following guidelines. 2. Asmentioned before, make sure you represent yourself in a professional way. Provide us with details on you/your team/your company including current team members and their responsibilities, your website (if you have one; most games only have a website once their game is about to be published) and contact information. 3. Present your game in a good way. That is to say, show us the game concept (includingconcept art, a plot concept and a game script concept) and the work in progress (models, screen shots, videos showing the game in action) which you already have. Even if you are recruiting, you must be able to prove that your game is not the dream of an overly-excited newbie, so show us more than a dream. Give us a plan. 4. Give us a reason to be interested in your game and/or participating in thecreation of it. Tell us what your game is about, and what its major features will be. Tell us who your audience is and what your plans are for when the game nears the end of its production. Using which medium will the game be transported to the client? Will the game be free to play or will you charge a single/monthly fee to play? Tell us about your goals in general. Make us anticipate the...
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