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Here you go, Here you are.
You see? Ya ves?
Go/come by car, bike, train, motorbike, foot
Turn out to be = become
Commuting facts = means of transport =medios de comunicación.
To get you = llevarte
Getting around.- dar la vuelta.


Ring binder.- carpeta de anillos
Usage e.g. Sports equipment is designedto withstand hard usage.
Difference = diferencia
Video store
haste noun /heɪst/ n [U] disapproving
(too much) speed
Unfortunately the report was prepared in hasteand contained several inaccuracies.
[+ to infinitive] In her haste to get up from the table, she knocked over a cup.
His father had just died and he didn't want to marrywith indecent haste


To use
To differenciate
To pick
To divide into
To program
To plug it in
To pave to cover an area of ground with a hard flat surfaceof pieces of stone, concrete or bricks e.g. The area from the shops to the beach is paved with bricks set in patterns.
To press
To charge


plug (sth)in/plug (sth) into sth phrasal verb
phrasal verb
to connect an electrical device to an electrical system or device so that it can be used, by pushing its plug into asocket
Of course the radio isn't working - you haven't plugged it in!
I want to plug the kettle into the right-hand socket.
Can you show me where the microphone plugsinto the tape recorder?
The keyboard plugs in at the back of the computer.

knock sb over phrasal verb
phrasal verb [M usually passive]
to hit someone with a vehicleand injure or kill them
She got knocked over by a taxi as she ran for the bus.
Also, we can use, knock something over,


Haste makes the waste.
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