Blood transfusions

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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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The first thing that people want to do, when they are in risk, is to know the benefits and the consequences of thetreatment they are receiving. But what we can infer about blood transfusions? This is one of the most important instruments of the actual medicine. The doctors thathave real interest on the health of the patient never vacillate on using this treatment. The blood transfusions have been recognized like a method “that giveslife”. The question is: are there risks implied on this treatment? Are there alternative methods? Honestly, each year thousands of people die by bloodtransfusions.
The fact that the blood have risks, make feel the doctors and many patients scared. What diseases? Honestly, we cannotthink just in one, actually, there are many. After considering the most common diseases, the work of 1982 called ‘Techniques of Blood Transfusion’ mention thefollowing: “There are information that there are other diseases that can be received by blood transfusions, between them the infections of the herpetic virus,mononucleosis infectious, toxoplasmosis, typhus, measles, salmonellosis, etc." Actually, the diseases are increasing on this ambit. But there's a new danger:and is that blood, which is obtained from a certain country where a certain disease abounds, can be used in a far country, where the public and doctors unknownthe danger. Today, when people travel, even refugees and immigrants, they increase the risk that inside a blood product get transported an uncommon disease.
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