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Robert James Lee “ Bob” Hawke

Bob Hawke had important events in stages of his life, which became as a personality of international recognition.
He is a man of a dominating personalityand persuasiveness, even though some people think that Bob was aggressive, individualism, egoism and narcissist person, anyway these qualities, were the that allowed his development as anAustralian Political, who served as the 23 Prime Minister of Australia from 1983 to 1991. During his government he tried to give a comfortable and cozy life to Australian people.
Hawke was born on 9thDecember in 1929 in Bordertown. Where there is one of the richest agricultural areas in Australia. In this place, his life was quiet and harmonious, because his parents were considered as the town’s elite,the reason is because they were educated in the schoolteacher.
At that time, the relationship between his father and Bob was so intense, who said that his father was a most humble man and the mostdecent man that he met in his life.
The adolescence was a good time for him, because he felt an unusual effect in his behavior, he had that research about puberty. He didn’t have a lot of girlfriends,he seemed more interested in sport as tennis, ping-pong, billiards, to read and loved crossword, he said that these activities were a great opportunity to development his logic.
But everything werenot joys, because Bob had a terrible and tragic accident on his motorbike, he required a critical surgery. However, it was not a problem for his studies. He is Bachelor in Laws and Economics.
Hawkehad the opportunity to work for too many international companies, where he won international training. Consequently, in 1980 he was an Australian phenomenon. While that his popularity increased, he wasfighting a battle against his alcoholism and the worst effects of this problem were concentrated in his family life.
Finally, Bob followed the steps of his uncle Albert Hawke, who was Primer...
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