Bodas de oro

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The use of steroids and their consequences

Stefania Fernanda Pezantes Orellana

III year specialization

Chemestry and Biology

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Research guide: Dr. Lindergrac Domínguez


2010 – 2011

The use of steroids is affecting the behavior of peoplethat practice sports. Some countries are making them legal, even knowing that they are bad for health.

1. Definition

Types of steroids

2. What kind of people consumes these drugs?



Doctors (medical uses)

3. Addiction I

Steroids addiction


4. Addiction IITreatment that is effective for anabolic steroids abuse.

Where can they find help?



Group support

5. Conclusion.

| Pezantes 1 |
|Stefania Pezantes|
|Research guide: Dr. Dominguez |
|Unidad Educativa Bilingue MODERNA “Sergio Pérez Valdez” |
|III YearSpecialization: Chemestry and Biology |
|School Year: 2010 - 2011 |

Chris Benoit, an excellent professional wrestler, had thousands of fans that wanted to follow his way of life, but hisbecame a nightmare when he abused the use of steroids. He spent all his wrestling life consuming steroids until one day he murdered his wife and his 7 year old son; Daniel Benoit and afterwards committed suicide. In his autopsy it was found that the cause of that tragic accident were the steroids, the family claimed justice against Chris’ doctors because they were the ones that permitted the use ofthese drugs, the use of steroids is affecting the behavior of people that practice sports. Some countries are making them legal, even knowing that they are bad for health.

Prohormones are called precursors. What this means is that they are substances that are converted to hormones when they enter the body. These hormones, particularly testosterone, then participate in protein synthesis in thebody, which helps grow muscles and other tissues. Additionally, when Prohormones convert to testosterones they also help promote male characteristics and increases in strength. Prohormones don’t generally give as drastic results as people who use steroids normally see.

Pezantes 2

There are three main types of steroids; the first type of steroids is corticosteroids. These steroids...
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