Body on ufos

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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2010
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The views and opinions on this topic are very mixed, since we are not entirely certain about our posture on the matter, we wanted to present theories or ideas of why we and other professionals in thesubject think is fake, nevertheless we also investigated on why some other professionals genuinely believe in their existence, a very valid point to argue used by skeptics is the fact that all aliensare displayed as humanoid creatures, does it not seem extraordinary that all of these extra-terrestrial creatures, at least some of which must have evolved on planets vastly different from our own,should nonetheless all closely resemble us?, there is no reason why the humanoid form should be so pervasively dominant throughout the universe, say the skeptics. If aliens were real, we should expectto see insect-like aliens, dog-like aliens, flying aliens or fish-like aliens who evolved in a water environment, there must have been an evolutionary advantage in having 3 arms or maybe 4 eyes,furthermore on the skeptics’ side; our current satellite imagery can discern a car's license plate from a 90 mile orbit. Imagine what technological advancement can be done in another 10,000 yrs. So ifUFO's did exist, it's either A. we will never know or notice them (I'm sure they would have the technology to do so), or B. we would have known them by now (if they did want themselves to be known) or C.they don't exist yet and for the past 16 billion yrs, they may never exist. In spite of these and plenty more arguments against the existence of UFOs, the opinion of a lot of people in favor of UFOs’still remains focusing on theories such as the countless sightings of objects taped in the sky that fill the internet everyday, even though a vast variety is fake, there is still a lot of materialthat looks too legitimate to be doubted, moreover on the positive side, perhaps the most utilized argument on the UFO debate is the fact that the possibilities that hold the universe are literally...
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