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Looking at the case we should observe which the significance is and what the economic impact for a company like Boeing and its customers. It is not the same to buy or sell a car you buyor sell an airplane because it is a sale of $ 100 million.

This company was founded by William Edward Boeing and George Conrad Westervelt in 1916 with the name "Boening Airplane Company. Likeevery big business began from below, his first company was located in a barn which they named the color red barn because of the color.

Boening Company is the leading aerospace company and the world'slargest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft, Boing is a company that gives great importance to the management of customer relationships with a large staff of engineers, financial analystsand planners seeking to understand and satisfy customer needs in the world aircraft. After receiving an order the company cares about being in constant contact with the customer to verify thatclients are completely satisfied.

Yet all these efforts to preserve customer confidence in the decade of the 90s Boeing began to lose ground in reference to its main competition, Airbus headquarters inFrance, due to innovation in this product. The events of 11 September in the U.S., with that Boeing lost its industry leadership and business sales at the same time had great difficulties appeared tobe ethical because they were cheating to win military contracts in the U.S., because of this fact the government did research which focused on Boeing's relationship with former Principal AssistantSecretary Darleen A. force Druyun, who had great influence on billions contracts with the Air Force, then received an executive at Boeing, the contract CFO Michael M. Sears., Druyun influenceddevelopment of the award of several contracts to Boeing including the controversial contract for 23 billion dollars for the rental of a fleet of re suppliers of aviation fuel, which is why the company had to...
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