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  • Publicado : 10 de marzo de 2011
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Bolivia South American country multiethnic and multicultural country, rich in the mixture of traditions and folklore of people mestizos, Indians, descendants of white Creoles,Afro-Bolivians, and to a lesser extent, European and Asian migrants.
Governance system is defined as provided in Article 11 of the Constitution of 2009: The Republic of Bolivia adopts participatory democraticform of government, and community representative, with equal conditions between men and women.
Bolivia is organized into departments (9), provinces (112), municipal (327), peasant indigenousterritories and cantons (1384).
Bolivia to the north and east by Brazil. East and south-east Paraguay, Argentina to the south, south and west by Chile, Peru to the west.
By losing its length of coastlineknown as the Department of the Coast after the Pacific War, Bolivia has historically been a policy of territorial claim to Chile for a sovereign outlet to the Pacific Ocean and sea space. TheConstitution of 2009 states that the Bolivian government declared its inalienable right to access to the sea and its purpose is to settle the maritime dispute peacefully.
Bolivia is a mega diverse country,it is among the eleven countries in the world with the greatest variety of life, ecosystems and genetic differences within each species which allows the combination of multiple forms of life.

Themost important economic activities are mining and extraction of natural gas, both belonging to the primary sector. Within the secondary sector, are noted for industry sales of beer, milk, oil,cement and textiles. In the tertiary sector include telecommunications companies.
The oil industry relies almost exclusively on natural gas sales to Brazil, the country's main trading partner, andArgentina. Mining, total exports reached 1,517 million dollars, with the main market for South Korea to demand zinc, silver and lead. Other top destinations for Bolivian products in descending order are:...
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