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White Fang
Book Activities

Chapters 1-3
Before you read
1. The words in italics are all in the story. Find them in your dictionary.
a. Look at the pictures on the pages 3 and 5. Find these animals and things in them.
Cave cub fangs wolf
Cave = cueva o caverna.
Cub = Cachorro
Fangs = Colmillos
Wolf = Lobo
b. Put these words in the table
Bite lie down smell snarlstroke tie
People do this Animals do this
Bite stroke
Lie down tie

c. Answer the questions.
Where does leather come from?
The leather comes from the animals that are hunted.
What does a sled move on?
The dogs make that thesled moves
What can you do whit a stick?
Hit, make a spear for hunting, Etc…

d. Put these words in the sentences.
Camp god neck village
My neck Hurst, so I can turn my head.
Our family lived in this village for twenty years.
They made a Camp for the night near the river.
People killed animals because they wanted the rain god to bring rain.

2. White Fang is a Wolf.What do you know about Wolves?
The wolves are animal wild, carnivorous; they usually live in flocks commanded by a male alpha.
After you Read
3. These Chapters tell the story of the first three years in White Fang’s life. What can he do at the end of them?
In these three years white eyetooth lived in the forest, he met the Indians, it was tamed, it never lost its ferocity, it was separatedfrom its mother and mistreated by his master Gray Beaver, he learned how to fight especially with the other dogs called Lip-Lip to be able to survive, he/she became agile quick and strong…
What he could do when he had the opportunity it was of returning to the forest to live free like a wild wolf.

4. Is White Fang’s better with or without the Indians? Why? What do you think?
White Fang isbetter whit Weedon Scott, because Weedon Scott gives him love and affection, the Indians hit him, they screamed and they feared him, also White Fang remembers no longer of as being a wild wolf.
Chapters 4-6
Before you read
5. Look at the names of Chapters 4-6. What is going to happen to White Fang, do you think?
He has a fight with a dog that was known as the killer of dogs and win, them he hasanother fight with other dog and loose and it loses, it is not well wounded, for that reason Weedon Scott buys it, he takes care of it and demonstrates him affection until he recovers.
6. Where do you find gold? Find the word on your dictionary. Why did a lot of North Americans look for it in the 1890s?
Gold is a mineral found in the earth, and in the currents of the rivers in which there are manyrocks.

After you read
7. Why does White Fang lose the fight with Cherokee?
Because Cherokee was a Short legged dog, strong, heavy, with a long face and a big mouth.
8. Work with another student.
Student A: You are Beauty Smith. You visit Weedon Scott and you ask for White Fang back. Why do you want him?
Student B: you are Weedon Scott. Answer Beauty Smith.
A: I want to White Fang returnbecause he did make me win a lot of money with dog fighting.
B: I’m not giving it back because, I buy it and what you do with animals is very cruel.
Chapters 7-9
Before you read
9. Chapter 7 is about the “Southland.” Where do you think this is? How will it be different for White Fang? What will he do there?
It will be very different to the forest and to the surrounded village of nature to theone that was accustomed besides having a climate but warm.

10. Find the word Carriage in your dictionary. What pulls a carriage?
Carriage = trineo
The dogs pull the carriage to transport things in the snow.

After you Read

11. Talk to two other students.
Students A:
And B: You are Scott’s mother and father. Scott is in the south Again. Ask him about White...
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