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Time: 1 hour 25 minutes
Date: December 2nd-------------------------------------------------

The Woman in Black

1. Author
Susan Hill: She is a British author. Her novels include The Woman in Black, The Mist in the Mirror and I'm the King of the Castle.
2. Place
Thisstory is set in England, specifically en London and Yorkshire.

3. Principal Characters
* Mr. Arthur Kipps
* The Woman in Black

4. Secondary Characters
* Mr. Bentley
* Mr.Samuel Daily
* Mr. Jerome (Mrs. Drablow Agent)
* Mr. Keckwick
* The Innkeeper
* Mrs. Stella
* Jennet (Mrs. Drablow´s younger sister)
* Nathaniel Drablow (Son of Jennet )

It is a ghost tale about a strange house, mysterious woman and a terrible story.

6. Summary
Arthur Kipps is the hero in this story. He is hunted for nightmares he has been having about aterrible story that he had. He knows the only way to live is writing down his story. Mr. Kipps was a solicitor and he has work in the Eeel Marsh House, a estrange property of Mrs. Drablow, whorecently was death. When he arrived to the town of Mrs. Drablow, he assists to the funeral. In that moment he saw a strange woman who was wearing all black, but the rarest was the Mr. Jerome reaction,colleague of Mr. Kipps, who was accompanying him to the funeral. That was the beginning of the terror story.
Who is the woman in black? Questioned Mr. Kipps and what is her story? He needs work in herhouse but the experience will be terrible. Terrible things he lived, terrible moments. But when he finally can work he uncovers information about the life of Mrs. Drablow. It was a sad story about hersister and her sister´s son.
The woman in black is sister of Mrs. Drablow, but she was unmarried. She could not keep her son. She had to give him to her sister, Mrs. Drablow. The boy, Nathaniel died...
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