Book report man in the iron mask

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Book Report
The Man in the iron mask
Alexandre Dumas
1.-Whats your opinion about the book
It’s a very interesting reading, in many parts of thebook the reading is difficult to understand.
2.- Write 10 words you learned from the reading and their meaning
Grunt |  A deep guttural sound. |Burned | To execute or kill with fire |
Lark |  A carefree or spirited adventure. |
Dim | Obscure to the mind or the senses |
Squeaked | To giveforth a short, shrill cry or sound. |
Wager | To make a bet. |
Plot |  A small piece of ground, |
Jailbreak | An escape from jail. |
Clod | Alump or chunk |
Daring | Willing to take or seek out risks |

3.- Write in 40 words about the most important aspects of the story
the prisoner isforced to wear an iron mask ,what facts are known about this prisoner are based mainly on correspondence between his jailer and his superiors in Paris.4.-Write in 30 words the description of the place or places where the story happens and some ideas about when the events occurred
One of the importantplaces is the jail, it was a very ugly place, because there are a lot of prisoners, another place is the palace a very big place with a lot ofbeautiful things
5.- Describe two of the most interesting characters of the text in about 30 words
Over and over again, people admire D'Artagnanfor his loyalty, bravery, cleverness, and skills at fencing and horseback riding.
Soldier, priest, and diplomat; gallant, greedy, and cunning
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