Book report "the darkest night"

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Book Report
‘The Darkest Night’

Ron Franscell

Renata Crespo

Casper, Wyoming: September 24, 1973, 9:00 p.m. Amy Burridge was hanging out with her best friend when her sister, Becky Thomson, came to her. Becky wanted her to come along while she get some stuff her mother ask her to. At 9:30 p.m. after doing the shopping, Amy phoned her mom to tell her they had aflan tire, and two ‘nice men’ were going to give them ride.
The nice men, Ron Kennedy and Jerry Jenkins, threatend Becky with a knife against her ribs to force them into de their car. They had no option but to get in. While Amy and Becky sat in the back seat of the white Impala, Ron Kennedy orders them to lie down. At the same time Jenkins is driving to somewhere unknown to the sisters, Ronrepeatedly hit them without reason.
Moments after, the car suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere. Ron Kennedy gets out of the car and tells Amy to get out too. After a couple of minutes, Ron came back alone. Jenkins started the car and went on about 150 yards. They stopped once again and then they both raped Becky.
Following, they took Becky back to the same spot where Ron took Amy. This time,both men get her out and began to walk her. The night was extremely dark so she couldn’t tell where they were taking her, but still, she knew. She knew the Fremont Canyon Bridge was just a few steps from where thet were. They grab her and try to throw her, but they couldn’t. Jenkins try to choke her to death, but when Becky realized what they were doing, she faked her death. So, they throw her fromthe bridge, not knowing she was still alive.
Hours later, when the sun was already shining and she make sure she wasn’t being seen she crawl up the canyon. A eldery couple saw her waving her hand at the end of the bridge. She was pale, cold, dirty and nude from the waist down. They took her to the nearest gas station and call the police.
Moments after, she was taken to the hospital, her motherhad been called and she had already gave the description of the men who did it.
The morning of the crime Jenkins missed work, as he had been doing for a week. He was supposed to be working and to came back home at one to pick up her wife and go to the hospital. Her new born child was being released from the hospital. But he didn’t came. Instead he went directly to Kennedy, ask him to go to hiswork and pick up his check. After that, they went drinking all day until the crime.
The same night Becky identified the men, Dave Dovala, a cop, arrest Kennedy in front of the country courthouse. Then, they busted Jenkins. He was spotted on foot, headed to a neighborhood liquor store.

There’s different ways of seeing the story. You can somehow tell the story protagonists are thefour persons who lived the crime. Or maybe you can say the real one is Becky Thomson, the one who survied and lived after that. In some other points of the book, it do a lot of references to the rapist and murderer Ron Kennedy. The true is that none of them are the protagonists atl all, but the one who write ir: Ron Franscell.
He review the moment he first heard about the crime. How did it makes himfeel sad about it. He comment how that night was just as normal as for anyone. He remembered when how Becky waved at him and some friends that same morning. How he knew the concept of death and rape, but not really understood they were real. How finally that moment change his life forever.
But Becky Thomson was the most important one in the history. She might as well have been the protagonist.She talks about how horrified and scared she was when the men kidnapped them. She was worried about her little sister far more than herself. She just wanted to know she was going to be alright and to make sure she do not live something that could hurt her the rest of her life.
She mentioned the pain she felt physical and psychological when she was waiting in the bottom of the canyon. When she...