Book report the fall of the house of usher

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Book Report
“The Fall Of The House Of Usher”
Edgar Allan Poe

I. Exposition of Events: The narrator describes the place he is in as well as the vie of the Houseof Usher. He also introduces the reader to the story of the Usher Family and why is he there.
II. Inciting Incident: Usher ad his sister suffer of a terrible deadly disease.
III. Rising Action:Madeline dies and is buried in the house. Roderick exposes his superstitions about the house, which reveals his madness.
IV. Climax: Madeline appears on the doorway while Roderick and the narratorare reading a book. Roderick reveals he knew she was not dead.
V. Falling Action: The narrator runs away from the house after the two brothers are dead.
VI. Resolution: The house of Usher fallsdown completely till nothing is left.
The story's conflict is internal because it lays on the main character's mind. Madness is inside his own mind, is not about an external force.Mood & Tone:
The mood of the story is gloomy, dark and mysterious. The description of every single detail gives the reader the full experience of the heavy grey atmosphere that surrounds thecharacters. Elements as premature burials and madness itself make the mood more terrifying.
The author's tone is sober though sarcastic at times, for example Usher's defense of his mental sanity when hetalks about his fear of future.
There are three characters: The Narrator, Roderick Usher, and Madeline Usher.
The narrator is a boyhood friend of Roderick who hasn't seen him sincethey were kids. He returns to his friend’s house after receiving a letter asking for his visit.
Roderick Usher: Member of an honorable family whose only living members remains him and his twinsister, he lives in the house of his ancestors and suffers from a mysterious deadly disease which has haunted his whole family since memorable times. He suffers of hypochondria and hyper sensibility to...
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