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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2011
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Yajaira Alomia January 3, 2011
E1- Pd 7thMs.Knife

The Freedom Writers
By: Erin Gruewell
Copyrights Date 1999
* An English teacher named Erin Gruewell and her first assignment in Long Beach, California, workingwith students other teachers deemed unteachable, Gruewell quickly learned that her students had more to worry about just homework; her students went home to gunfire, gangs, drugs, and a host of otherdifficult situations. The students were convinced that they had nothing to learn from a white women who had never experienced firsthand the violence, discrimination, and hatred that was part of theireveryday lives.
One day, Gruewell intercepted a note being passed between students; the paper revealed a racist caricature full of hate. Gruewell told her class that this sort of hate andmisunderstanding that led to the Holocaust. Gruewell was shocked to learn that her students had never heard of the Holocaust.
* I chose to read this book because in middle school in my English class wespoke a little bit about the Holocaust and I never knew anything about it until then, it interest me because I couldn’t believe that one man had the guts to kill so many innocent people. The studentsat Long Beach didn’t know anything about the Holocaust until Ms.Gruewell told them about it.
* I enjoyed reading the diary because it was really good to know that one teacher can change so manystudent’s life and she though
* The character that I found interesting was Eva, she was Hispanic and she defended her race, her dad was in jail for committing a crime and she witness one of herpeople kill a Chinese boy from her school, after reading all of the books she read in class she started realizing that she had to be honest at court and tell the truth instead of defending her own....
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