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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2011
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This book report is being written for _____ for her ____ class. Lord of the Flies was written by an English author, William Golding. It has 192 pages and its USA publisher is Penguin Group. Althoughit started with a rather low popularity, it quickly became very popular in USA college campuses, replacing The Catcher in the Rye as the most read book of the moment. We decided to read this bookbecause it was required and because, once we read the summary on the book jacket, it seemed to have a rather intriguing plot.
The main characters are Ralph, Jack, and Simon because they all representan aspect of men. Ralph, the novel’s protagonist, is a twelve-year-old English boy who is elected the leader of the group of boys stranded on an island. He tries to organize everyone in order to builda campsite where they can live until they are rescued. He represents the civilizing instinct that human beings have. Jack, the antagonist, is one of the older boys and becomes the leader of thehunters but his deep desire of total power makes him act wild, barbaric, and cruel throughout the novel. Jack represents the savagery instinct that human beings have. Simon, a shy, sensitive boy, is theonly “good” character on the island. He always behaves kindly towards everyone and does everything that is asked of him without complaining. He is the only character that did not lose his sense ofmorality; his is the only one that is not imposed by this new society. He is the one that realizes that the “beast” lives within them, so they will never escape it.
Considering that the plot is about agroup of boys stranded on an island, there are many secondary characters. There is Piggy, a young, whiny, intellectual boy, who is considered Ralph’s “lieutenant.” His ideas often lead to new things,such as the makeshift sundial the boys use to tell time. He represents the scientific, rational side of humanity. Roger, the opposite of Piggy, is Jack’s “lieutenant.” Like Jack, he is a cruel older...
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