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  • Publicado : 20 de marzo de 2011
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Book Review: La Casa de Bernarda Alba

Emotion, authority and freedom are the three basic components of La Casa de Bernarda Alba, a book written by Federico García Lorca. This book, created withthe purpose of being represented on stage, is known as the perfect example of the Lorca’s theatre.

Situated in the darkness and sadness of Bernarda’s house, the story stars with the death of herhusband and the authority she has on her five daughters. Angustias, Martirio, Amelia, Magdalena and Adela had been living in that way since they were borned. Angustias, the older one, is soon marryingPepe el Romano, a twenty-five years old man who is, at the same time, dating Adela, the youngest sister.
This situation is maintained as a secret throughout the whole story. However, the whole lie willexplode, causing the total decontrol at Bernarda’s house.

Personally, I have to show my admiration for this book. Lorca manages to create the perfect scene on the reader’s mind as he/she isreading the book. The dominion the mother has on her five daughters is transmitted throughout the story, reaching almost the scary. Bernarda, as I could saw when I read this book, is a really strong woman,much more concerned about what people think than about her own daughters.

Besides, the story reflects the Spanish society in 1936, this is, the year when the Civil War started. People were scared,and the only important thing seemed to be the prestige. At the beginning of the story, one of the girls sat on the window and started watching the people (including men) walking down the street. Whenshe saw her daughter, Bernarda yelled at her demonstrating who had the power to take decisions in that house.

La Poncia, the house-maid, also has a pretty important role in the story. She andBernarda talk about people of the village commenting, criticizing and insulting them.

Another detail that made me fascinated was that, in despite of the fact that the girls wanted to go out, live,...
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