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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2010
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Book Review: Think this book is a very good book because of how the author writes in the point of view of a character that is the opposite sex of her. Andhow she writes how a guy would feel and react to those situations. I would recommend this book because it teaches a lot of lessons and makes your way of seeingthings change.

Chapter 9 summary: The rumble was set for seven. Pony, Darry, Soda, and the rest of the gang were waiting for it to be time at home. When itwas finally seven they left the house and went to the lot only to find that the rest of the greasers where already there. The greaser won because the rulessaid no weapons just fists and a soc used a piece of pipe in the fighting. After that Dally took Pony to the Hospital to visit Johnny. He was in a terriblecondition. After a while Johnny passed out.

Chapter 10 summary: Dally ran out of the room in which Johnny died and took the car with him. Pony had to walkfor a few miles but hen got a ride from a stranger. When he got home he told the gang the bad news about Johnny. Then the phone rang it was Dally. He had stolenfrom a gas station and the cops were after him and he wanted the gang to meet with him at the lot. Darry, Pony, Soda, and the rest went to the lot just tosee Dally being shot down by the cops because he was armed with a gun that wasn’t charged, but the cops didn’t know that. Pony ,a the sight of Dally’s death,Fainted for 5 days. When he woke up after his long sleep he went to the hearing in which he was cleared of al charges and got to live with his two brothers.
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