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Project Management Books

Michael D. Taylor

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Adams, John R., Principles of Project Management. 1996. Project Management Institute Publications, Sylva, NC. ISBN 1-880410-30-3 (pbk). This is an excellent broad based coverage of project management, including some special information on negotiating and contracting for project management. Archibald, Russell D., Managing High-TechnologyPrograms and Projects. 1992. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 0-471-51327-X. A concise yet thorough text, it presents a practical proven system for managing all types of programs and projects, with an emphasis on high-technology projects. Badawy, Michael K., Developing Managerial Skills in Engineers , and Scientists, Succeeding as a Technical Manager. 1995. Van Nostrand Reinhold, ISBN:0-44201861-4. This thorough text covers TQM, technological entrepeneurship, cross functional teams, success requirement for project management, interdepartmental interfacing, and educating technologists in managing technology. Badiru, Adedeji B., P. Simin Pulat, Comprehensive Project Management, Integrating Optimization Models, Management Principles, and Computers. 1995. Prentice Hall, Inc., ISBN:0-13-030925-7. Using this book, managers and engineers in many fields can make the most of up-to-date methods of project management by combining computer analysis and optimization models with advanced management techniques. Bradford, Lawrence J., Claire Raines, Twenty-Something, Managing & Motivating Today's New Work Force. 1992. MasterMedia Limited, ISBN: 0-942361-35-0. An excellent text for the managerwishing to understand eight basic core values of the "Twenty Something" Generation (17 to 27). Bradford, Robert W., J. Peter Duncan, Brian Tarcy. Simplified Strategic Planning. Worchester, Massachusetts: Chandler House Press, 2000. Brickner, William H., Donald M. Cope, The Planning Process. 1977. Winthrop Publishers, Inc., ISBN: 0-87626-672-2. Examines the entire planning process from a systemsviewpoint, covering the key aspects which contribute the most to the successful use of planning in organizations. Buchholtz, Steve and Thomas Roth, Creating the High-Performance Team, 1987. John Wiley & Sons, NY. ISBN 0-471-85674-6. This is probably one of the most insightful books on project teams today. The authors base their book on experience gained from teamwork programs with scores of Fortune 500firms. Readers will discover how to: provide strong leadership, create and reinforce a positive work culture, set goals

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through participative management, anticipate and neutralize problems, and how to tap the most potent force of all – creativity. Burt, David N., Donald W. Dobler, Stephen L. Starling. World Class Supply Management: The Key to Supply Chain Management, Sixth Edition.New York: McGraw-Hill, 2003. Byham, William C., Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment. 1988. Fawcett Columbine, ISBN: 0-449-90705-8. How to improve productivity, quality, and employee satisfaction through empowerment Byrne, Brendan, Alan Mullaly, Brian Rothery, The Art of Systems Analysis. 1971. Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-048751-1. Provides a descriptive definition of the systems analysis role aswell as detailed methodology and standards for its practice. Topics include control systems and organization, data base and the management interface as an information system, and the enterprise system. Campbell, Bonita J., Understanding Information Systems, Foundations for Control. 1977. Winthrop Publishers, Inc., ISBN: 0-87626-889-0. Cleland, David I (Editor)., Field Guide to Project Management.1998. Van Nostrand Reinhold Inc., ISBN:0-442-02345-6. This 472-page book is a broad coverage of the field of project management by many noted authors including such major topics such as: project planning techniques, project leadership, project oversight, and team management. Cleland, David I and William R. King., Project Management Handbook. 1988. Van Nostrand Reinhold Inc. ISBN: 0-442-22114-2....
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