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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2010
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Once upon a time, there was a small, but gentle town in the mountains called Whoville. Borat is a tall skinny and dumb kid. Borat was born with a very special gift that no regular human being canhave in their entire life time, Borat had the power of flying, but the problem is that Borat did not know that, simply because he was an AIRHEAD. Technically, Borat’s average life was being a postal guyin the city of Whoville without knowing about his super power to protect the people of Whoville and the people of the world.
That same day Zohan told Borat to come into his house, and then Zorat toldBorat that he was the chosen one, that he was the only person in the world that had the power to stop evil. Zohan explained to Borat that the powers of evil were already forming up and that they wereready to attack the whole world. Later Zohan told Borat that he was going to train with him for him to have the ability to defeat evil. After the inspiring speech Borat ran away to his home and herefused his call to be the greatest super hero in the world and his history.
Zohan agreed with Borat that they started training for the physical part and when Zohan would tell that Borat was ready, hewould advance to the mental training. Zohan made Borat promise that when the training was over and when he would defeat evil, he would not tell anybody who trained him, how they trained him, and ofcourse where they trained him.
The only sacrifice that Borat had to do was to live on a diet and train to the last second on training time if the wanted to be the greatest of the greatest super duperhero’s of the world. Borat have to do exactly as he was told. After all of the physical training ended, it would be time for Borat to be reinforced with his studies because Borat was dumb to be a superhero. The entire world and all of Whoville would be safe when Borat completed the training assigned by Zohan. Borat’s entire training lasted for three and a half years; this meant that Borat was...
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