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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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Birth Order
Beatriz and Fernando were born in the same family, have the same parents, have gone to the same school, but are very different. Beatriz is introverted and responsible, Fernando is rebellious, communicative and sociable. Sometimes surprised to see the extraordinary gap between the characters of two brothers. And is that you never ask why you have your children educated in the same wayso different?
Everyone has their personality. The mode of being of each is forged from the moment of birth. There are many factors that influence identity formation, and one of them is the moment we arrived to life. Obviously the first-born status is not the only factor in the uniqueness of each.
There are other conditions, genetic, educational, social, etc. However, according to severalstudies proclaim the birth order in the formation of the personality of each individual and therefore somehow determines the path that will take in life.

There have been many theories that have tried to explain the differences in temperament of a person by their location in the family the rest of his brothers. Not long ago we knew the results of a study by a group of scientists from the University ofOslo, which concluded that the IQ of children born in the first place was somewhat higher than the younger brother.

Interest in the relationship between birth order and intelligence or personality is not new. Already in the early s. XX, Alfred Adler, a disciple of Freud, developed a theory in showing the distribution of traits according to the position of each brother. While acknowledging thatthe reason for these differences is not so much as a consequence of gestational the educational circumstances.

Many other investigations have occurred over the years, but outside IQs truth is that although few parents admit it openly, not educated equally to all children.

"It is true, says child psychologist Juan Pedro Valencia, who since childhood have a certain character and try to showin our attitudes, reactions, obstacles to overcome, and so on. And as these studies confirm that there are differences in these characteristics in the order that addresses at birth, although not the only factor to consider because the genes themselves and the psychological aspects also affect the environment significantly. These same studies suggest also that the order in which they are born notonly determines where the family but is likely to affect powerfully in place in the world. "

But you can never say that a child for being the firstborn, the second or fifth is determined to present a fixed and unchanging features, but the studies seem to find it much more likely, according to the same order, presented an address different personality.

In this way, always in general terms, onecan say that the former is usually more serious, more formal, responsible, orderly and introverted, is the recipient of values, that being the only child receives more attention and commitment (of time) positive and negatively. Earlier and more often solitary individual or the rest of the family because at birth the second desentronización experience a kind of making them by themselves accomplishmany areas previously dealt with the support of parents.

The second son, or medium in order, tends to be more diplomatic and happy, because unlike the former already has a certain "open road" that has left the older parents and have the experience and not overprotective So for what its degree of sociability and competitiveness will be higher than in the first case, establishing a kind of astruggle to try to outdo each other and the first for trying to defend what they consider theirs.

As more offspring, parental education is weakened, and the youngest is usually more pampered and cuddly as well as some rebel and perhaps a little predictable. While precisely because it is the latter, the absence of any other that will keep his position of attention, the pampering can awaken a...
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