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Have you ever feel stressed for reasons like school work or other problems in your day a day life, well don’t feel bad, a lot of people suffers stress, and affects themin their lives. There are many ways to reduce the stress that work and school causes that will make you feel better, things such as: doing exercise, listening to music, and also sleeping are ways toreduce the stress in your life, and make it better and more healthy .

Doing exercise is an important way to reduce stress, when you feel stressed go outside your house and do exercise like gorunning to a park or just go outside of your house, also you can go to a gym and make exercise there , the important thing of this is to forget about the things that are stressing you and causingyou problems by going out and doing some physical activity , and doing exercise will be better to your health.

Now speaking about listen to music this is also a good way to reduce stress , whenyou feel very stressed and that you can do more , stop what you are doing , and put some music in your ipod or in your stereo , you have to play music that helps you to calm down , music such as classicmusic , or instrumental will help to relax you and reduce the stress you were feeling, or you can play the music that you like the most and makes you happy.

Another way to reduce stress issleeping , because one factor of stress is that you are tired ,. so if you are doing a work or any other thing and you feel very stressed , take a break from your activity ,and go to take a nap for a whileand you will feel better when you wake up, or if you are working late in the night is better to go to sleep and continue in the morning when you are rested and with more attitude to continue with thework you were doing.

In conclusion stress can be a very bad thing and can cause bigger problems , this stress can be caused by many factors like school and work , but there are many ways to...
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