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Collected GT8 tips from BossGTCentral


This file is meant as a taster to the wealth of information available at BossGTCentral to help people get to grips with the brilliant but complex beast that is the GT8. It is certainly not an introductory guide and anyone new to the unit is well advised to consult the Primer at GTCentral, search the forums, consider TJ’s DVD, and check outthe useful articles and forum at (Well that’s plenty of links for a start.)

I am not the author of any of this information (apart from this intro, many titles, and the thanks obviously); rather it has been directly copied from useful posts made at the GTCentral forum. Hence I am really only a compiler and the main credit goes to the many helpful people who have helped somany, including myself, get to grips with the GT8 through their posts. I hope that this file will be useful and inspirational those new to the GT8 and will also serve as a reference to others. The main idea in using a doc file was in using the Document Map (under the View menu) to make the information easily navigated so as to be dipped into at leisure.
Initially this file started as a textfile for keeping track of information for myself which has led to a couple of difficulties. Firstly I made no attempt to keep track of the posters themselves. Many of the posts were signed at the end and so to keep things fair I cut all these signatures and added them to the acknowledgements along with names I could obviously associate with certain posts. The second problem was the loss of formattinggoing via the text file, which means that the posts aren’t always clearly readable. The only editing I have attempted is cutting off topic beginnings and ends; I have never altered the body of any posts. I am simply trying to make the raw information available and findable to others rather than make a glitzy guidebook.
Anyone is welcome to edit or use this file in any way for his or herown purposes. There is a certainly plenty of work to do for anyone who feels like re-editing and formatting the posts for aesthetics and legibility. Clearly it will always be a work in progress (within the useful lifetime of the GT8) as users reveal new nuggets almost daily. Also, this file doesn’t really go much further back before I had a GT8 and so much may be missing. On this note; anyone iswelcome to contact me to alert me to missing info or if they feel they should be added to the acknowledgements (there should be many of you in this category). (Please note; I mainly use this email address to give out freely on the web and hence I do not check it very regularly so don’t be offended if I don’t respond immediately.)
Finally with respect to the posts themselves, I feel obliged tostress that they only represent different users opinions and should be taken only as inspiration and not law. What works for others may not work well for you, do experiment and come up with your own solutions (and share them!).
Now all that’s left to say is this: Remember to turn on the Document Map and good luck.

Happy hunting.

Set up

1_ a few quick tips*********************************************************************************************

Here's a few quick tips

1) Set the outputselect to line/phones. It's the only mode that uses the mic & speaker sims

2) Set you global EQ to lo +5 mid +5 & high +5 this will give it life

3) When you are using high gain patches, don't use the -original for the speaker sim,
it sounds lifeless IMO use anything elsei.e. 2/12 4/12 8/12


2_Starting point advice


Try it with the following settings:
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