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Is bottled water the right choice? A lot of people prefer to use bottled water to maintain their health. On the contrary, they are helping to pollute the environment. Thishappened because of the garbage of using the plastic bottles. So, many people turn to use bottled water instead of tap water for various reasons.

Drinking bottled water givespeople a sense of safety. They believe that there are no bacteria in bottled water. Unfortunately, no agency monitors or tests bottled water, which mean it may contain somebacteria. Also, some brands of bottled water contains calcium which is essential for bones growth, and magnesium that helps strengthen the immune system and regulate blood pressure.So, bottled water can cover people needs for these minerals. Moreover, some brands of bottled water have high sodium content, which may attack people who suffer from heartdisease and kidney.

The second reason why people drink bottled water is the taste. In fact, they don't know that the pure water has no taste. Therefore, the bottled water tastesdifferent because of the flavored the producer added or because of the blend of minerals and method of processing.

People now drink more bottled water than before because itis available everywhere and at all times. For example: in Public places people can't trust tap water, so the bottled water is the best choice and easy to find. Moreover, peoplelike to drinking bottled water because the suitable shape for carrying and drinking it all the time while walking, running, driving and shopping. So, it will be easy to go.To sum up, People have a choice to use bottled water or not. In fact, in my opinion the bottled water in general is the best to use and for the confidence of people's health.
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