Bowling for columbine

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Bowling for Columbine
The United States has the largest number of guns in private hands of any country in the world, although guns are permitted everywhere, the laws governing gun use varyconsiderably from state to state.
In Michael’s Moore Bowling for Columbine show us reasons, causes and consequences of the use of guns.
The main reason to have a gun is the feeling of responsibilities,powerful, and protection of their families, most of people think that if they are not with a gun, they are not responsible without a gun in their power charged; they have to protect their families, andthey will be there to help their neighbors and people who may need help, that is why some people go to train themselves in a specific place shooting to something that represents the human’s vital organs,if the may have to face up to one, according to interviewed people, having a gun the security will increase.
The cause is the necessity to the security of a Free State, the right of the people tokeep and bear Arms.
Guns were used in defense during a crime incident as a cause of violence. This equates to two times out of 1,000 incidents (0.2%) that occurred in this time frame. For violentcrimes (assault, robbery, and rape), guns were used 0.83% of the time in self-defense. Of the times that guns were used in self-defense, 71% of the crimes were committed by strangers, with the rest of theincidents evenly divided between offenders that were acquaintances or persons well-known to the victim. Of all incidents where a gun was used for self-defense, victims shot at the offender 28% of thetime. In 20% of the self-defense incidents, the guns were used by police officers. During this same time period, 1987 and 1990, there were 46,319 gun homicides, and the National Crime VictimizationSurvey estimates that 2,628,532 nonfatal crimes involving guns occurred.
The insecurity of the people make them nervous, in consequence, insecurity, then this increase.
Gun violence in the United...
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