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BPMN - Business Process Modeling Notation
Data-based Exclusive Gateway When splitting, it routes the sequence flow to exactly one of the outgoing branches based on conditions. Whenmerging, it awaits one incoming branch to complete before triggering the outgoing flow. Event-based Exclusive Gateway Is always followed by catching events or receive tasks. Sequence flow is routed to thesubsequent event/task which happens first. Parallel Gateway When used to split the sequence flow, all outgoing branches are activated simultaneously. When merging parallel branches it waits for allincoming branches to complete before triggering the outgoing flow. Inclusive Gateway When splitting, one or more branches are activated based on branching conditions. When merging, it awaits all activeincoming branches to complete. Complex Gateway It triggers one or more branches based on complex conditions or verbal descriptions. Use it sparingly as the semantics might not be clear. MultipleInstances Multiple Instances of the same activity are started in parallel or sequentially, e.g. for each line item in an order. Loop Activity is iterated if a loop condition is true. The condition is eithertested before or after the activity execution.

Sequence Flow defines the execution order of activities. Conditional Flow has a condition assigned that defines whether or not theflow is used. Default Flow is the default branch to be chosen if all other conditions evaluate to false. Collapsed Subprocess A Subprocess is a decomposable activity. It can be collapsed to hide thedetails. A Task is a unit of work, the job to be performed.

A Data Object represents information flowing through the process, such as business documents, e-mails or letters. Attaching a dataobject with an Undirected Association to a sequence flow indicates hand-over of information between the activities involved. A Directed Association indicates information flow. A data object can be...