Brain and language essay

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Brain and Language

The human brain is the engine or computer of our body. The brain monitors and regulates the body's actions and reactions. It continuously receives sensory information, andrapidly analyzes this data and then responds; controlling bodily actions and functions such as digestion, breath, the heart´s beatings, even your deepest thoughts and every voluntary order like walking,comes out and are processed through the brain.
Human brain is more complex than the animal one and what differences us from nonhuman primates is the fact of comprehending and producing the language(animals guide themselves by instinct); particularly the skill of putting into practice complex linguistic rules; furthermore we can unlike other species, to elaborate and understand long sentences.The brain is a structured organ. During centuries it has been compared with a hydraulic machine (until 18th century), a mechanic calculator (in the 19th century), and a computer (in the 20th one).Nowadays, there is a metaphor which compares it to a “Swiss Army Knife” with specialized modules for the sight, facial recognizing, assumption risks, spirituality and the most important: language.Scientists have discovered some particular brain areas where language capacities are localized. Two of their most important theories are: Localization and Phrenology (though the last one has been discardedas a scientific theory). According Localization´s theory, the different human abilities and behaviors are traceable to specific parts of the brain and Phrenology, refers to the practice of determiningpersonality traits, intellectual capacities, and other matters by examination of the “bumps” on the skull (where the brain lies).For instance, if you receive an accidental hit in your head, somespecific areas of your brain can be damaged and might affect the movements or produce loss of memory, among others.

In 1864, Paul Brocca (a French neurosurgeon) related language specifically to the...
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