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Brazil has much to offer in the way of culinary delights and many restaurants, bistros and fast food outlets dot the cities. The cuisine itself varies from region to region and depends largely on the ethnic majority in the region.

Moqueca (both having seafood and palm oil), and acarajé (a salted muffin made with white beans, onion and fried in palm oil, dendê which is filled with dried shrimp,red pepper and caruru (mashed okra with ground cashew nut, smoked shrimp, onion, pepper and garlic) are popular dishes. In Rio, feijoada (a simmered bean and meat dish of African origin) is popular as are rice and beans.

Cachaça is the Brazil's native liquor, distilled from sugar cane, and it is the main ingredient in the national drink, the Caipirinha. Brazilian coffee is, of course, renownedthe world over.

History of Brazil Food

The traditional food of Brazil is a combination of many different cultural inheritances that have mixed and created a very interesting and unique cuisine. Originally, the food of Brazil was created by the native indigenous, who have given most of the main roots of the actual gastronomy of the country.

When the Portuguese colonized Brazil, theirgastronomy mixed with the traditional indigenous dishes. Then, during the times of slavery, Africans brought their gastronomy to Brazil as well, adding it to the combination of indigenous and Portuguese cuisine. However, these gastronomies didn't completely merge, in most cases they coexisted.

Then, many other immigrants arrived as well: Lebanese, Germans, Italians, Japanese, Spanish, and manymore, adding their dishes to the gastronomy of Brazil as well. This way, the actual gastronomy of Brazil is the result of a combination of cultures and dishes of many different origins.
Brazilian Food: some interesting facts

The food of Brazil uses much fish, meat, tropical fruits, rice, beans, and manioc, among others. These main ingredients can be found in most regions of the country, althoughthe most popular dishes of one region often are not the same as in other region of the same country.

Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil. This dish is made with pork, rice, black beans, ham, onions, beef, and chorizo. Traditionally, feijoada contains all parts of the pig, including parts such as tale, nose, and ears. Since some people, and specially tourists, don't find this very appealing,the recipe is often adjusted and those parts are not added.


The Brazilian culinary is a product of cultural tradition, geography and circumstances of its drastically different regions. The different dishes that today compound what is known as Brazilian Cuisine emerged from the dominant culture present in a region: Portuguese and – mostly -NativeBrazilian Indian in the North; a combination of Portuguese, Native Brazilian Indian, and African in the Northeast and part of the Southeast (up to the very south of Minas Gerais); mainly Native Brazilian Indian and Portuguese in the West, and Portuguese and other Europeans (Italians, Germans, Austrians, Russians, Polish, French etc.) from Sao Paulo state to the south border of Rio Grande do Sul. Thisis not a rigid classification by any means, for in every region there will be a sub-influence of this or that group, collaborating for a different development in the local cuisine, but it is a safe guideline for anyone interested in learning why it is so difficult, if not impossible, to classify under one label, the incredible gastronomic variety available today in Brazil.

Before the arrival ofthe Europeans, the meats consumed by the Indians were whatever was available at their location, like birds (toucans, nhambus, araras, urus), mammals (monkeys, tapirs, capivaras, quatis iraras and deer), besides a huge variety of fish and seafood. Indians didn’t consume water birds, like ducks, due to their beliefs that, if they did, they’d lose their vigor as swimmers. Several travelers reported...
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