Brave new world (aldous huxley)

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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2012
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The Brave New World and their society were based on the stability and happiness and so banned the culture, and above all emotionalattachments individuality that was.

Aldous Huxley, writer, visionary and philosopher, was one of the most important pioneers in the field of psiquedelia. Born into a family of renowned Britishintellectual tradition he grew up among books, and despite staying almost blind because of an illness he suffered during adolescence, his infinite curiosity eventually earn you a living encyclopedia renownedreputation.

A factor that causes instability in a society and why they prohibited it, so that their world is stable, they had no religion by stating that a god or a religion was self-denial andindustrialization were not compatible with that, with self-denial also prohibited because religion as in the brave new world happiness also sought but unlike the brave new world religion demanded manythings, changes, sacrifices, and in that way people change their mind several times and became unstable, which was the nemesis of Brave New World, was linked to addictions and many things that lead to theindividuality and therefore to social instability, whereas the world happy and had people with happiness from birth and were stable.

Continuing we see that banning books or old more than anythingnot to contribute to new and social stability, not to books because people had a solitary entertainment and they did not accept the loneliness because I had to individuality, not allowed the beauty ofnature simply because it was free and did not contribute to the consumerism that was one of the foundations of the happy world.

In conclusion their society, their beliefs or beliefs ¨ NO ¨ was anoble goal that was the ¨ happiness¨ deprived many things that I personally define the person to enjoy happiness and the essence of life is the search of happiness. In this search you define as it is...
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