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Enjoy this tropical Paradise

Brazil is one of the most important tourist spots in South America. The country capital is Brasilia
Brazil has someof the most beautiful beaches in the world. The high temperatures all over the year in most of the territory guarantee a significant number of international visitors, also inthe winter.
The northeast, with the highest number of tourist beaches, Salvador and Fortaleza are the most sought-after cities in the northeast.
Rio also receives manytourists in the Lagos region, with beaches in Cabo Frio, Rio das Ostras resorts in the country

The State of Espiritu Santo is also one of the main tourist destinations of mountainsand hills. The cities of Afonso Cláudio, Castelo, Domingos Martins, along with four other municipalities that make up the Sierra Capixaba, have mountains, waterfalls and riversthat attract thousands of tourists every year.

The main characteristics of ecotourism are: activities such as walks, diving, trekking and photographic safaris; the protectionand preservation of natural resources; and also encouragement of environmental education.
The most important destinations for ecotourism in Brazil are in the North andNortheast of the country, including the Chapada Diamantina, Maceió and Barcelos , ideal for sport fishing.

if you are planning a trip to Brazil you should to find aflight reserve.
Also you need a sun glasses because it´s very strong.
You need to buy a guidebook if you are not speaking English or Portuguese.
You could carry a lot of moneybecause it´s has beautiful things to buy.
I think you need carry insect repellent, sunscreen, a bathing suit, a towel and if you are going camping you need a sleep bag.
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