Bread history

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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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The History of Bread by Yerko Lima

Every day when you have you breakfast have you ever asked how long have people been eating bread? , this is a good question and it has a good answer, in factbread has been with us since man has been living on the earth.
A long time ago, before creating bread, primitive man made a kind of rustic bread. This man ate the grains from wheat, barley, rye, oat,and etcetera. These grains were crushed between two rocks and this way could be eaten. This primitive technique has been found on tombs from the Stone Age and today we can still find it in someaboriginal tribes from Africa.
Later the Egyptians developed a domestic technique which consisted of crushing the wheat for a long time until this changed to flour, next it was kneaded with water and alittle dough leftover (like yeast) made yesterday, with all this the Egyptian made a kind of bread like a tart. This bread with bad fermentation and not cooked had a bad taste, furthermore it had a lot ofimpurities which broke their teeth. However, the Pharaoh ate a special white bread named HORI. Nowadays the chemical analysis of this bread shows the components are very similar to current bread.Other important people helped to make the history of bread; those were Hebrews, Greeks and Romans. In effect the first made a kind of bread required a lot of work because the high temperature does notallow them to leave the food for long time without processing. For this reason all the family had a crushing utensil and this it could not be sold or borrowed, there was a law that prohibited this. TheGreeks as the Hebrew made domestic bread named CIBARIA. When the V Century started, the people who only worked making bread were named baker and they were well-known, furthermore a legend was createdabout who invented bread, a goddess named DEMETER, Goddess of Fruitfulness and Cereal.
The Romans started to boil and eat the grain; quickly they devised a way of kneading the flour, a job mostly...
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