Breaking the ice(active listening)

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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Person 2
You are talking with a friend. Your friend is telling you something about what happened yesterday in his/her job. However, you arenot listening to the person because you are thinking in your own problems. Follow the next instructions:
* Don’t look at your frienddirectly to his/her eyes.
* Don’t say anything while your friend is talking.
* Try to look disinterested.
* When you hear the word“organization” just stand up and get out of the room

Person 1
You are talking with a friend. You are telling your friend about a problem youhad at work yesterday. Read the following paragraph as is it was a real conversation. No matter what happened through the conversation you needto keep on talking.
“Yesterday one of my co-workers told me that I was totally inefficient and that I don’t do well my job. I told her that Ialways try my best and that I’m human and I also make mistakes, but she told that I shouldn’t been working there because I never do my joband my job is not as important as hers. When she told me that I really got angry and I told her that my job is important too and that I’m alsopart of this organization. After I told her that she got all blushed and angry. Before she said anything else to me I told her that a clock isform by different parts and that all of them are important, and after I told her that she just turn around and went to my boss’s office”.
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