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Ángeles en Movimiento contributes to the federal program Oportunidades Urbano, by providing a basic health services package and dental care to citizens in the 12 poverty polygons in Puebla municipality that do not have the medical infrastructure to be eligible to Oportunidades affiliation. Through the establishment of alliances with interested stakeholders, the intervention can be sustain overtime and act as a complement to the municipality program Salud en Movimiento by increasing the operational capacity of the local government through the use of federal and external resources.

On dealing with the poverty that affects 164,000 citizens that live in 54 poverty polygons in the Puebla municipality, the integration of efforts between entities is critical. Puebla has 50,000 citizenswith high and very high marginalization indexes, to diminish the poverty indicators that state that 14% of the total population lives in capabilities poverty, the local government needs to obtain resources from federal initiatives that will allow them to reach a wider quantity of beneficiaries. The health dimension of Oportunidades Urbano, can be articulated with the municipal program Salud enMovimiento through the implementation of Ángeles en Movimiento and in this way a win-win strategy would be achieved between parties.
The incorporation process for new affiliates is defined in the Oportunidades Urbano’s operational rules. A family can be eligible for affiliation if the results in the evaluation of social indicators prove a necessity. The analysis includes measurements and datafrom institutions like CONEVAL, CONAPO, INEGI and SEDESOL, and it tries to prioritize the attention to households in extreme poverty. After the necessity is demonstrated, the access to services becomes a crucial factor. The candidates for affiliation must be able to access health basic services and education infrastructure. If the access conditions and attention capability cannot be establish,the incorporation would be on hold until the requirements are fulfill.

Ángeles en Movimiento is a complementary intervention for the municipality of Puebla that aims to contribute in the successful implementation of Oportunidades Urbano program. In Puebla 703,406 citizens (about 50% of the total population) do not have access to social security; the local government tries to beneficiatethis vulnerable population by the implementation of a Mobile Health Unit initiative known as Salud en Movimiento. In 2008, this program was able to serve 4,741 persons of the 12 poverty polygons established as priority areas by SEDESOL. These polygons are formed by 22,000 households (approximately 110,000 persons) which indicate that operation capability restricts the municipality to satisfy demand.Ángeles en Movimiento target a portion of population that is part of Oportunidades Urbano and does not benefit from Salud en Movimiento program. Both programs complement but does not duplicate efforts. The number of beneficiaries in the first year of Ángeles en Movimiento intervention should exceed 4,800 persons.

The program Ángeles en Movimiento aims to:
• Increase municipality capabilityto provide basic health services by the augmentation of Mobile Health Units for the 12 poverty polygons selected.
• Increase the number of affiliates to Oportunidades Urbano program by providing mobile medical infrastructure that allows people in necessity to be eligible by demonstrating access condition and attention capability for health services.
• Decrease the drop-out rate ofbeneficiaries by increasing the quality in services provision and by offering dental care as an additional service of those in the basic health services package.
• Establish alliances with interested stakeholders for the sustainment of the program over time by the collaboration with Ángeles en Movimiento through the donation of resources.
• Promote citizen participation and involvement for...
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