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[edit] Formation
At the time of conception of the A-League, teams from several capital cities were preferred to form the foundation clubs. By June 2004, two of the twenty submissions forjoining the league were sought by partnerships formed in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.[2] On 1 November 2004 the group headed by Queensland Lions Soccer Club were chosen as operators of theBrisbane team. They previously played in the defunct National Soccer League, under the name Brisbane Strikers.

In March the following year the Roar were officially launched as a club. The Roar'sfirst-ever board consisted of chairman John Ribot, a former CEO of both National Rugby League clubs Brisbane Broncos and Melbourne Storm, deputy chairman Gary Wilkins, former Queensland and Australianplayer, and CEO Lawrence Oudendyk, who is also Queensland Lions CEO.

[edit] Ownership
Currently, the club is owned by several shareholders, as listed below:

Emmanuel Drivas and Emmanuel Kokoris (Alsoown The Coffee Club)
Claude Baradel and Serge Baradel (Also own Luxury Paints)
It is understood that in 2008 the 25% share owned by Queensland Lions was bought by the Roar board on the cheap. Thishas led to financial instability in the club and rumours of the club handing back its A-League licence to the FFA. On 16 April 2009 reports have surfaced that the FFA are willing to purchase up to a55% share in the Roar to ensure its financial stability. This 55% is to encompass CEO Oudendyk's 15% per cent interest, the 25% previously owned by Queensland Lions and the 15% share owned by Rob Jonesand Rob Jansen. Any takeover by the FFA will also see Lawrence Oudendyk replaced as CEO.[3]

On April 30, 2009 the FFA confirmed their offer to take a controlling share in the Roar.[4] The newowners partnership Emmanuel Drivas, Emmanuel Kokoris, Claude Baradel and Serge Baradel, declined the FFA's assistance on 22 May 2009.[5]

The owners' commitment to the club was reinforced in a...
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