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Foreign Workers
A Guide for Employees

Temporary Foreign Workers

Table of Contents


Temporary Foreign Worker Program


What Employees in Alberta Need to Know


Employment Standards
Workplace Health and Safety
Using an Employment Agency
Information for Landlords and Tenants
Workers’ Compensation
Personal Information
Alberta’s Support forTemporary Foreign Workers
Temporary Foreign Worker Advisory Office and Helpline
Immigrate to Alberta Information Service
Immigrant-Serving Agencies


Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program



A Guide for Employees

As a temporary foreign worker in Alberta, you have the same rights and
responsibilities as any otheremployee in the workplace. You are protected
under Alberta’s employment standards, workplace health and safety and
workers’ compensation legislation.
This information will help you understand what to expect and where to find
additional resources.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program
The federal government’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows
eligible foreign workers in Canada for anauthorized period of time.
Three departments - Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Service
Canada and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) work together to
manage and deliver the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Service Canada
Service Canada processes applications from employers for Labour Market
Opinions (LMOs) and ensures that all necessary requirements are met.
An LMO is an opinionprovided by Service Canada to employers which
assesses the likely impact that hiring the requested foreign worker(s) may
have on the Canadian labour market. Service Canada Centres process
foreign worker requests (LMO applications) in each province.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
CIC and its visa offices at Canadian embassies, high commissions and
consulates outside Canada processapplications for work permits to
determine who is eligible to work in Canada. In most cases, CIC is the first
point of contact for many foreign workers who want to work in Canada,
although under certain circumstances, they may apply for a work permit at
a port of entry.

Canada Border Services Agency
Border Services Officers screen foreign workers at Canadian border
crossings and airportsbefore issuing work permits and allowing their

Employment Insurance provides temporary income
support during periods of unemployment. Temporary
foreign workers must meet the same eligibility
requirements as Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

A Guide for Employees

entry into Canada. A Border Services Officer has the final say on who may
enter Canada. Officers can deny entryto a foreign worker if they believe
the foreign worker does not meet the requirements of the Immigration and
Refugee Protection Act.

General Information
Terms and conditions of a work permit
You must comply with all the terms and conditions of your work permit. A
work permit specifies your employer, where you work and the type of job
you do. It also states how long your work permit isvalid for.

Changing the conditions on a work permit
As a temporary foreign worker, you may apply to extend your stay, change
the conditions of your stay, the type of temporary status, or correct
problems with your status. It is important to apply for your renewal before
your current documentation expires. Applications can be obtained at, or by calling 1-888-242-2100.Termination
If you do not meet the employer’s expectations as outlined in the job
contract, your employer has the right to terminate your employment.
External circumstances, such as changes to the economy, may also
eliminate the need for your position. Either way, you must be given notice
of termination, or pay-in-lieu of notice.

Employment Insurance
Employment Insurance provides temporary...
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