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Broadway is one longest roads in manhattan and the sligtnen direcction and the rouns north to south and one point it crosses in 7th avenue, with also runs in a north to south direction , the reasonwhy it runs in this slightheen directions, is because it was one of the original roads travelled by the early native american indians and still exist to this day. Broadway 42th St, is calledTime’square the name originated by the fact that the famus new york times’s newspaper building was one located her, this is the spot where the pulse of the city can be found.

Chrysler Building was built on thetheory that it will be the tallest building of its time, even though it was temporali it was the first building to use medal plate for the exterior walls, they use same metal chrysler use to buildcars, many new yaker’s have a strong attachement to this artistic New York landmark.

In the middle of the hustle and bustler in manhattan lays the best open space of central park, it is 840 acressof parkland, with the size of peacefull horse’s run carvajes with the sound of bird singing , It takes to another world inside a busy city.

Natural History Museum, the american museum of naturalhistory is one of the world famus turist atraction, of New York City. There are 4 floors of exhibits, in this large building it shows all aspects of life from the leginning time to the resente. LinconCenter apear’s and concerts are perfamed lived an stage at the Lincon Center by the artistc from around the world.

The Metropolitan Museum of the Art the universal museum located in the New YorkCity it has works in every category of art of every knowen media from overy part of the world during every “epico” of recarded time.

5th avenue is the street that the world renound for the largenumber of expensive Brand Namend Shops with the beatiful disployed windoars, the famous shops are lined up out all a long to each other after the other The Rockerfeller Junior developed between 1929...
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