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  • Publicado : 22 de enero de 2011
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Ordering Information
Asterisk Business Edition is available from Digium Distributors, as well as on the Digium website. A five-pack version is also available, along with OEM quanity licenses forresellers, and as source code for commercially licensed OEMs.

Asterisk Business Edition
Enterprise-grade version of the Asterisk PBX
Digium, the leader in open source telephony, now providesAsterisk Business Edition™, a professional-grade version of its acclaimed open source PBX and VoIP platform for the Linux operating system. This version adds tested reliability of critical functions andfeatures, tailored for small- and mediumsized business applications. A new technical manual, installer, and quick-start documentation supplement the package, making Asterisk even easier to install,configure, and use. Asterisk Business Edition is backed by Digium’s professional support team for one full year. This provides enterprise environments with a PBX and telephony platform suitable for criticalbusiness applications. Digium’s comprehensive test program ensures Asterisk Business Edition’s reliability, performance, and interoperability with key hardware, software, and protocols. Digiumhardware is tested for full compatibility with Asterisk Business Edition, as are select models of servers, VoIP, and TDM devices. All major software features in Asterisk Business Edition are thoroughlytested for functionality and reliability. Test bed systems have been subjected to extreme stress conditions using Empirix™ test equipment to simulate hundreds of thousands of calls in various real-worldcombinations and configurations. As a result, customers can rely on their combination of proven Asterisk software and Digium hardware to work together to provide feature-rich PBX or VoIP system.Further Questions?
For more information about Asterisk Business Edition, visit the Digium website (, contact your Digium distributor, or email us at

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