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Switzerland’s involvement with the United Nations

Switzerland joined the UN in 2002.

Switzerland has 6−7% percent of obesity rate. Its noa significant cipher, but was underestimated before the census was made in 2002. A 0.6% of HIV / AIDS percent of adult living with it. The actual economic crisis has affectedSwitzerland in its GDP, by a 2 percent in its growth . IN the past years it increased by a 3 percent, this year a growth of only 1 percent is expected. Other conflict isthat Muslim population requested building permits to build minarets( towers on top of their house used to make prayers) which required to remove a constitutional article . Therequisition was denied by the cant6ns representatives .

Switzerland is taking action regarding the by

The UN is involved in the solving of theseproblems by

The conventions Switzerland has signed are

Governmental System

The head of state is President Pascal COUCHEPIN since January 2008

Switzerland’s is aConfederation similar in structure to a federal republic , which means it is divided into 26 cantons (states)

Switzerland’s confederation has been in power since August 1291,(founding of the Swiss confederation )

People in Switzerland are proud to belong such traditional and prosperous nation. Its economy has shown to be one of the best in theEU. Security in Switzerland is high, no war conflicts have taken place since 1847. Citizens are free to develop their own income and invest it as they want. They also havemedical attention financed by the government such as education. How could they be angry with their government?

Switzerland’s Culture

Globalizations impact on Switzerland
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