Brushing up on smiles

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Brushing Up on Smiles
Why your child needs to see the dentist

Brushing Up on Smiles is about why your child has cavities.

It is about what can happen if cavities are not treated.

It is about having a

dental home. So your child doesn’t have any more cavities.
Brushing Up on Smiles … a program of the Ohio Dental Association with financial support by the American DentalAssociation Foundation

Where to find additional information and oral health resources for you and your family

Ohio Dental Association 1370 Dublin Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43215 (614) 486-2700

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Brushing Up on Smiles will show:
• • • • • • • • • What a dental home is and why it is so important What causes cavities What cavities looklike Even if there is no pain, cavities NEED to be treated What can be bad for the teeth and gums How adults can help their family have a happy and healthy smile Why it is important to see the dentist twice a year Who the people are in the dental office What do to if you have to cancel a dentist appointment

So, why is good oral hygiene so important for children?
While most adults understandthe importance of taking care of their permanent teeth, a child’s healthy baby teeth play a VERY important role in: • Speech and language development • Chewing and swallowing food • Good self-esteem and a positive self-image

And think about this...
A mouth full of painful cavities can lead to: • sleepless nights for you and your child • a lack of concentration or missed days of school • misseddays of work – when you need to stay home to take care of your child

The good news –
Cavities can be prevented!

Every family needs a dental home.
This means that by age 1, a child visits the dentist, who will look into the infant’s mouth and check the teeth and gums for cavities or signs of early decay. The dentist will also check to see that the baby teeth are coming out as they should– and will tell you if there may be problems. A lasting relationship is formed between the dentist, child and family that will help keep oral health at its best. This can help keep overall health at its best, too. You can prevent cavities in the future by keeping your child’s mouth healthy NOW.

In this dental home, your family will be reminded:
• To make and keep regular dental appointments• About the importance of daily care of the teeth and gums • How proper nutrition (from foods AND beverages) can help keep the mouth healthy

And your family will be warmly welcomed and cared for at every appointment.

A dental home is also a place to get information and advice on any concerns about the whole family’s oral health, like

• • • • • • • • • • • •

teething baby teeththumbsucking pacifiers mouth injuries dental emergencies braces nutrition tongue piercing tobacco use oral cancer and more

The purpose of a dental home is to keep a baby’s mouth healthy from childhood to adulthood, and help prevent tooth decay through information and awareness for the whole family.

Your dental home makes you feel right “at home” every time you visit. They will get to know youand every member of your family by name – and you will soon get to know them, too. Creating a dental home for your children can help every member of your family.

“Smile for a lifetime of good oral and overall health.”

What to know about your dental home:
If you can’t get to the dentist’s office for any reason: • Call to change or cancel your appointment as early as possible. • Beconsiderate – someone in pain could use that time instead to see the dentist.

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Who are the people at the dental home?
YOUR dentist … will review the x-rays, examine your child’s mouth and teeth, answer your questions, make sure you and the child are comfortable and understand what is happening that day, and do any needed dental procedures. The...
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