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Chapter 1-1:Civilian Checkpoint

Chapter 1-2: Public Assembly
EMBLEM #01: Go inside the building with the stairs that has a balcony. Check
----------- the western room that also contains a First Aid Spray. Head up the
balcony and check the building across the street to the south to
spot the Emblem.

EMBLEM#02: When you've entered the building with the black goo, right before
----------- you jump over the gap to a chest with Gold Bars, look up and find
the Emblem right under a water tank.

EMBLEM #03: Before you end the chapter by using the elevator, check behind the
----------- fence to your right and spot the Emblem next to a ventilator in the

Chapter2-1: Storage Facility
EMBLEM #04: Check the southern wall of the storage hall you start in. The
----------- Emblem is attached to this wall, somewhere up there.

EMBLEM #05: When you've crossed the bridge and are about the enter the sewers,
----------- turn around and closely inspect the large bridge's support. The
Emblem is located here.

EMBLEM#06: At the docks area, locate the small green hut near the closed door
----------- at the jetty, and look at the back of this hut. Spot the Emblem in
a gap under the roof.

EMBLEM #07: When Kirk has arrived to provide backup at the docks area, climb
----------- the building to the right (northwest) and get over to the spot with
the Green Herb. Spot the Emblemthrough a window in the building
across the street.

EMBLEM #08: In Shanty Town, right before you perform the 2nd Assist Jump with
----------- Sheva, turn around and spot the Emblem on the roof ledge up, a
little to the right.

Chapter 2-2: Train Station
EMBLEM #09: Climb the trains and inspect the pylon in the distance to the west.----------- Spot the Emblem on top of it.

EMBLEM #10: In the mines you'll have to make your way over a bridge with a
----------- waterfall. The Emblem is to your right high up in the waterfall.

EMBLEM #11: In the mining area you'll have to climb a very long ladder at some
----------- point. Instead of moving on, turn around and equip your rifle.
Turn around and inspect the factorybuilding in the distance.

Chapter 2-3: Savannah

Chapter 3-1: Marshlands
EMBLEM #12: You'll start on an island. From here, check out the wired pole in
----------- the distance to the northwest. The Emblem is attached to it. If
you're playing with someone else you can sail nearby it and have
them shoot it, orshoot it yourself when they're sailing.

EMBLEM #13: Go to the settlement in the northwest corner and spot the Emblem
----------- under the roof of the hut.

EMBLEM #14: Head to the center island (where horrific creatures roam), and spot
----------- the Emblem under the hut by standing on the jetty near the boat.

EMBLEM #15: When you've opened up the door by placing the slates, drop downin
----------- the marshes, turn around and find the Emblem under the wooden

Chapter 3-2: Execution Ground
EMBLEM #16: After making your way out of the execution ground through a tunnel,
----------- you'll get to some Tricell tents. Go behind the tents and spot the
Emblem between the tents.

EMBLEM #17: At the harbor, when...
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